MC-Bauchemie launches universal anchor bonding system

MC-AnchorSolid E820, new universal anchor bonding system

Bottrop, 16 March 2017. There are many construction jobs that involve the fixing of brackets, railings, shelving, canopies, awnings, scaffolding and similar to new and old concrete components. As a rule, rebar or threaded rods are used as bonded mechanical anchors. Now, with MC-AnchorSolid, MC-Bauchemie has developed a new, universal, integrated system with which a solid, positive bond can be made reliably and easily between the rebar or threaded rods and any crack-free concrete base. MC-AnchorSolid is quick and easy to use in a wide range of jobs, exhibits very good application properties and helps to save both time and money.

The MC-AnchorSolid kit comprises a new, highly reactive epoxy resin-based anchor adhesive, MC-AnchorSolid E820, the pneumatically powered delivery unit, MC-Fastpack Power Tool, and standard commercial threaded rods (M8 to M20) or concrete rebar steel (Ø8 to Ø20). The threaded rods or rebar are simply inserted into drilled holes filled with MC-AnchorSolid E820 which then sets, providing a solid bond between the steel component and the concrete. 

MC-AnchorSolid is approved in accordance with European Technical Assessment ETA-15/0506 as a bonded anchor for static and quasi-permanent loads attached to crack-free concrete of the grades C20/25 to C50/60. It can be used for both dry and permanently damp interior and exterior substrates. In the case of cracked concrete components, the use of MC-AnchorSolid is also permitted provided that the cracks are rigidly repaired beforehand with the injection resin MC-Fastpack 1264 compact.

Multifunctional, easy to prepare and very quick-curing
MC-AnchorSolid E820 is an easy-to-use two-component adhesive that can be applied at temperatures between + 2°C and +40°C. The anchor adhesive exhibits very fast strength development at low consumption ratios, thus ensuring early initial loadability combined with impressively high ultimate compressive and tensile strength values. And as this new adhesive from MC is thixotropic with high stability values, it is also ideally suited to work on vertical and overhead surfaces.

Further extras: Kit case and design software
MC offers all the components necessary for application of the MC-AnchorSolid system in one kit case – from drill hole templates, drill hole brushes and fixing wedges to a pneumatic jet nozzle and a drill hole thermometer. MC has also developed a design software package for use with the bonded anchor system, enabling structural engineers and installation firms to quickly and reliably plan and cost related projects.

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