MC exhibits expertise in sewer and manhole rehabilitation at RO-KA-TECH

MC shows expertise at RO-KA-TECH

Bottrop, 17 May 2017. From 10 to 12 May 2017, MC-Bauchemie could be found at the RO-KA-TECH international exhibition for pipeline, sewer and industrial services in Kassel, Germany. Highlights of the appearance included the new “MRT Truck” which attracted many visitors to the open-air zone of the exhibition site, and ombran MHP-SP 3000, the new and highly resilient generation of mineral manhole coatings.

With numerous exhibits and a video installation on show, the Field of Expertise “ombran – Underground Sewer Systems” from MC-Bauchemie showcased a number of new and proven system solutions for the sewerage sector. The focus this year was on the repair of manholes and large-profile sewers, the refurbishment of separator systems, the waterproofing of building structures, and product systems for application by sewer rehabilitation robots. MC’s experts were also available at the booth for talks with exhibition visitors.

Highlights: New MRT Truck and new generation of mineral manhole coatings

A highlight of MC’s exhibition programme was the new MRT Truck which also attracted numerous exhibition visitors to the open-air zone of the exhibition site. A mobile, self-contained, integrated system for automatic manhole rehabilitation, the truck is available for hire to both sewer network operators and specialist repair companies. MRT stands for Manhole Rehabilitation Technology. The 12t truck has a staff room, its own power, water and compressed air supply systems, a mortar mixer, a mortar pump and also a complete on-board MRT application assembly. The MRT Truck is able to rehabilitate sewerage manholes significantly more efficiently, faster, more reliably and more cheaply than is possible by conventional means. Hence, many national and international sewer and manhole rehabilitation companies, as well as numerous sewerage network operators, have been showing enormous interest of this MC technology.

MC had another highlight on show: A new generation of mineral manhole coatings recently launched onto the market by the building chemicals producer as ombran MHP-SP 3000. It is characterised by exceptionally high mechanical and chemical resistance and satisfies the requirements of the highest exposure class there is: XWW4. And of course, ombran MHP-SP 3000 is ideally suited to automatic application with MC’s MRT system.

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