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MC-Bauchemie launches new mineral heat-insulation render

New mineral heat-insulation render Oxal TRR
Oxal TRR for the restoration of historical structures and half-timbered buildings in line with heritage rules

Bottrop, 23 September 2015. Insulating listed buildings from the outside is hampered by strict conservation regulations. Generally, the application of thermal in-sulation composites on façades is forbidden. As an alternative, such compounds may be allowed inside, although this too is sub-ject to restrictive heritage rules. It is also very expensive and both time- and space-consuming. An easier option is to use Oxal TRR, the new mineral heat-insulation render from MC-Bauchemie. It can be applied to both external façades and interior surfaces to improve the energy efficiency of listed buildings – without breaking conservation rules.


Prime protection for Dublin Airport Car parks of Terminal 1

Car park Dublin airport_finished

Last year the coating system Betonflair W of MC-Bauchemie was selected for the rehabilitation of the car parks of Terminal 1 at Dublin airport.


Screeds ready for overlaying in just four days

New special sealant for screeds MC-Screed Protect RM4

MC-Screed Protect RM4 seals screeds with high residual moisture and helps to save time and costs

Bottrop, 27 August 2015. If the schedule for a project is particularly tight and an accelerated screed is required, screed-layers now have MC-Screed Protect RM4 to help solve their problem. The single-component speciality sealant from MC-Bauchemie can be applied after just three days on screeds with a residual moisture content of up to 4.0%. Another 24 hours later, that is to say after a total of four days, and the screed can already be overlain, sooner than with any other system.


New processing aid for moulded concrete products

New processing aid for moulded concrete products Murasan Hydrotech 884

Bottrop, 20 August 2015. When concrete goods are manufactured in a cool, damp atmosphere, they frequently develop primary efflorescence within the first few hours of curing, thus considerably harming their appearance. With Murasan Hydrotech 884, MC-Bauchemie has developed a new processing aid for earth-moist concretes that significantly inhibits the occurrence of primary efflorescence under critical ambient conditions.


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