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MC exhibits expertise in sewer and manhole rehabilitation at RO-KA-TECH

MC shows expertise at RO-KA-TECH

Bottrop, 17 May 2017. From 10 to 12 May 2017, MC-Bauchemie could be found at the RO-KA-TECH international exhibition for pipeline, sewer and industrial services in Kassel, Germany. Highlights of the appearance included the new “MRT Truck” which attracted many visitors to the open-air zone of the exhibition site, and ombran MHP-SP 3000, the new and highly resilient generation of mineral manhole coatings.


Fast industrial floor system for weekend job sites


Bottrop, 6 April 2017. MC-Bauchemie has developed a new industrial floor system in the form of MC-Floor Screed. With this, floors such as those encountered in production facilities, storage areas and material handling areas – including those with wheeled truck access – can be repaired in just one day. And after just one or two days more, they are ready for pedestrian and wheeled traffic usage again. MC-Floor Screed is very well suited to the rapid rehabilitation of industrial floors exposed to heavy wear and tear thanks to its fast hardening action and its high resistance. It is thus ideal for weekend job sites. With MC-Floor Screed, companies requiring such repair measures are able to reduce both downtime and cost.


New approval certificates for MC-Color


Unique crack-bridging capability, excellent fire behaviour and BASt-listing

Bottrop, 29 March 2017. At the beginning of 2016, MC-Bauchemie introduced MC-Color onto the market, a completely new, modular surface coating program that combines outstanding application properties with excellent technical performance in relation to the protection, coloration, graffiti protection and crack-bridging of concrete surfaces. And now MC-Color comes with a new set of test and approval certificates to underline its technical qualities.


MC-Bauchemie launches universal anchor bonding system

MC-AnchorSolid E820, new universal anchor bonding system

Bottrop, 16 March 2017. There are many construction jobs that involve the fixing of brackets, railings, shelving, canopies, awnings, scaffolding and similar to new and old concrete components. As a rule, rebar or threaded rods are used as bonded mechanical anchors. Now, with MC-AnchorSolid, MC-Bauchemie has developed a new, universal, integrated system with which a solid, positive bond can be made reliably and easily between the rebar or threaded rods and any crack-free concrete base. MC-AnchorSolid is quick and easy to use in a wide range of jobs, exhibits very good application properties and helps to save both time and money.


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