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MC-Bauchemie acquires Bautek in Chile

Group picture at the union celebration of MC Bautek Chile

Bottrop, 11 February 2016. Following the purchase of PK Chile in 2014 and now with the acquisition of Bautek at the end of 2015, MC-Bauchemie Chile has seen its market position in the country appreciably expand. MC-Bauchemie Chile and Bautek become MC Bautek Chile.


MC-Bauchemie develops new biodegradable concrete release agents

Ortolan Bio 780

Ortolan Bio 780 and 780 KS offer an outstanding fair-face concrete finish while meeting the toughest environmental standards 

Bottrop, 20 January 2016. At the beginning of 2015, MC-Bauchemie launched four new product lines – Classic, Extra, Premium and Bio – to complement the Ortolan release agent portfolio. Now the Bio line has been extended by new concrete release agents: Ortolan Bio 780 and the product variant for use on steel formwork prone to corrosive attack 780 KS. Both release agents are eco-friendly and user friendly, they protect formwork and ensure a high-quality, light and bright fair-face finish.


MC-Building Chemicals celebrates its 35th anniversary

35 years MC-Building Chemicals in Ireland

Bottrop, 16 December 2015. MC-Building Chemicals in Ireland was one of the first foreign subsidiaries of MC-Bauchemie established in 1980. This autumn, it celebrated its 35th anniversary, with customers and employees alike enjoying a golf event on the internationally celebrated Concrad Wood course in Castleblayney.


New prefabricated joint profiles from MC-Bauchemie

MC-Floor Connect - new joint profile system from MC-Bauchemie

MC-Floor Connect for high-resistance, low-noise floor joints 

Bottrop, 25 November 2015. Conventional floor joint profiles of steel are deployed to resist high wheel loads on concrete floors – as encountered, for example, in car parks, production and storage buildings and in retail facilities. You cannot see them, but you frequently hear them as contact from wheeled traffic invariably gives rise to noise and vibration. Industrial trucks such as forklifts often shake as they pass over such joints, increasing noise levels and even sometimes causing damage to fragile goods on board. Sooner or later, the forklifts and the floor itself experience attrition, with operative health also a concern. Now these problems can all be assigned to the past – with MC-Floor Connect from MC-Bauchemie. These fast, easy-fit prefabricated plastic-concrete profiles create a smooth floor surface, ensuring that wheeled equipment can pass over virtually vibration- and noise-free. In areas with traffic like in multi-storey car parks special profiles offer joint width bridging capability of up to 80 mm. These properties are unmatched in the marketplace.


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