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MC-Bauchemie and PORR Bau win 2014 Tunnelling Conference Innovation Award

MC-Bauchemie and PORR win Tunnelling Conference Innovation Award 2014

Austria’s National Committee of the ITA honours new method for the production of earth pulp for tunnel boring applications.

Bottrop, November 18, 2014. At this year’s Austrian Tunnelling Conference held in Salzburg on 8 October 2014, the Austrian National Committee of the International Tunnelling Association (ITA) presented the “Tunnelling Conference Innovation Award” to MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG and PORR Bau GmbH. MC-Bauchemie and PORR impressed an independent jury of experts with an innovative method for improving the production of earth pulp (muck) for earth pressure balance (EPB) shields. This new process extends the working range of the EPB technique and significantly reduces the volume of conditioning agents used, leading to positive effects on the environment. The two companies have also jointly applied to patent the process and it is already being used for the construction of the world’s most advanced wastewater mains tunnelling system as part of Germany’s “Emscher River Renaturation Project”.


New jointing system from MC for extreme application demands

Mycoflex Resyst

Mycoflex Resyst is highly resistant to both chemical attack and mechanical stressing, and will also withstand permanent water exposure.

Bottrop, November 11, 2014. Conventional sealing systems for expansion joints on industrial floors are based on polyurethanes, silicones, MS polymers or polysulphides. These are usually less resistant than the adjoining coating and exhibit weaknesses when they are exposed to chemical attack. They become quickly brittle and therefore have to be repaired within relatively short intervals. Now, MC-Bauchemie has developed Mycoflex Resyst as a means to eliminating this “weakest link”. The system comprises prefabricated mouldings made from a special polymer foam based material that is longer-lasting and more resistant than conventional systems.


Expert Proof eco – the new bitumen-free waterproofing compound from MC

Expert Proof eco – the new bitumen-free waterproofing compound from MC-Bauchemie

Bottrop, 30 October 2014. With Expert Proof eco, MC-Bauchemie has developed a new, bitumen-free waterproofing system for buildings and other structures that combines high yield and high flexibility with quick drying and good bonding adhesion. The two-component polymer-based reactive compound covers the building area to be sealed like a skin, providing a cost-efficient, fast and reliable protective barrier. It becomes rain-proof in just three hours, ready for the placement of drainage and insulation panels after four, and Expert Proof eco is already fully mechanically loadable after just 24 hours.


Spanish entrepreneurs visit MC-Bauchemie

Spanish entrepreneurs visit MC-Bauchemie

Bottrop, 6 October 2014. On 1 and 2 October, CEOs, technical directors and operational managers of Spanish ready-mix concrete companies visited MC-Bauchemie in Bottrop. Apart from presentations about new product technologies and selected reference projects from the Construction Chemicals’ division, the guests visited the company site and the PCE-production facility of MC as well as concrete plants in the region.


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