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MC opens new plant in Russia

Opening of new plant of MC in Samara, Russia

Bottrop, 28 June 2016. On 21 April 2016, MC-Bauchemie Russia celebrated the official opening of a new plant in the Samara region with over 200 guests attending, including employees, customers and political representatives such as regional Minister of Construction, Oksana Anatolevna Bistrova.


Expert Proof one - the new single-component bitumen-free structural sealant from MC

Expert Proof one – the new single-component bitumen-free structural sealant from MC

Bottrop, 14 June 2016. With Expert Proof one, MC-Bauchemie has developed a single-component bitumen- and solvent-free structural sealant that can be applied on site straight from the drum without any mixing or priming. Aside from the ensuing savings in both time and money, this new reactive waterproofing compound also impresses with its outstanding technical properties. It is highly flexible, crack-bridging and resistant to UV, ageing and frost conditions. Expert Proof one becomes rain-resistant in around six hours, and is completely cured to full mechanical strength within 24 hours.


MC-Color sets new standards in surface protection of concrete structures


Bottrop, 31 May 2016. Conventional coatings are often inadequate when it comes to satisfying a combination of different requirements – such as emphasising the character of the concrete, adding colour to a structure’s surfaces, providing anti-graffiti protection or additional crack bridging. With MC-Color, MC-Bauchemie has developed a completely new surface protection programme comprising three product lines and nine products. Each of these exhibits not only outstanding technical performance characteristics but also especially optimised application properties, thus ensuring that the right solutions can be found for the various problems encountered in surface protection applications.


MC-Bauchemie offers new software for the design of CFRP reinforcement

New software Lasoft 4.0 from MC-Bauchemie

Lasoft 4.0 is both a structural design and a structural analysis program offering computations aligned to the latest DAfStb code of practice

Bottrop, 10 May 2016. For many years now, carbon fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP) in the form of strips, plates or CF sheets have been used to restore and increase the load-bearing capacity of structural components. The CFRP elements are adhesive-bonded to the existing structure to augment its tensile reinforcement. Structural engineers can call upon a number of different software products for the dimensioning and design of such reinforcing measures. But now MC-Bauchemie has launched a new version of its own Lasoft design software, developed on the basis of the latest DAfStb (German Committee for Reinforced Concrete) code of practice. As such, it is currently unmatched in the marketplace. Unlike other programs to date, Lasoft 4.0, comprises not just a dimensioning but also a structural analysis capability, which means it offers greater convenience and time-saving efficiency than conventional dimensioning software packages. A series of seminars is planned for June 2016 in Germany, during which interested structural designers and engineers will have an opportunity to get to know and use Lasoft 4.0. 


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