BASF awards licence for Crystal Speed Hardening technology to MC-Bauchemie

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Bottrop, 20 November 2017. For the first time, BASF has awarded a licence for use of its patented Crystal Speed Hardening technology. The license has been awarded to MC-Bauchemie, Bottrop (Germany).


MC-Bauchemie launches new product line of adhesion promoters

MC-Estribond NA

MC-Estribond offers a systematic range of ready-to-use primers and bonding agents for a wide variety of substrates encountered in building construction.

Bottrop, 16 November 2017. The new MC-Estribond series from MC-Bauchemie comprises three separate products in the form of bonding agent MC-Estribond MB and primers MC-Estribond T 15 and MC-Estribond NA. They offer applicators a simple system of adhesion promoters designed to match virtually all types of substrate encountered in building construction. Comprised entirely of ready-to-use, solvent-free, single-component products, the MC-Estribond range excels through easy handling and simple application, with a high yield ratio enhancing cost-efficiency. The component products are environmentally sound, quick to apply and functionally reliable.


Looking magnificient: The visionary architectural landmark La Seine Musicale

Facade upgrade of La Seine Musicale
Bottrop, 05 October 2017. Paris – a city known for its beauty and culture – has now been enriched even further. After three years of construction, La Seine Musicale concert hall opened its doors in April 2017. Costing 170 million euros, this construction project on the small Seine island of Seguin, west of the French capital near to Boulogne-Billancourt, has already won numerous awards for its bold visionary architecture. And MC made a significant contribution to the external appearance of this prestige build with concrete cosmetic and retouch as well as graffiti protection and floor coating systems.


MC-Bauchemie develops flexible sealing slurry for warm surfaces

Nafutop HT - the new flexible sealing slurry of MC

Bottrop, 05 July 2017. With Nafutop HT, MC-Bauchemie has launched onto the market a single-component, highly flexible and crack-bridging sealing slurry applicable to surfaces with temperatures of up to +70°C.


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