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Nicolaus Müller appointed Managing Director of MC-Bauchemie

Nicolaus Müller new Managing Director of MC

Third generation of owner family assumes role at head of internationally active company 

Bottrop, 15 February 2017. After spending several years with MC-Bauchemie in Brazil, Nicolaus Müller (31), son of Dr.-Ing. Claus-M. Müller, Managing Partner of MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co.KG, has returned to Germany to take up the post of Managing Director of MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG, Bottrop, Germany. 


MC-Bauchemie celebrates 20th anniversary in Russia

MC-Bauchemie celebrates 20th anniversary in Russia

Bottrop, 8 December 2016. Throughout this year, MC Russia has been very much focused on its 20th anniversary, organising numerous activities to celebrate the occasion – from customer events and gala dinners for its employees to charity collections and video competitions.


MC-Bauchemie launches new concrete release emulsion of its latest generation

Ortolan Extra 772 KS

Ortolan Extra 772 KS combines outstanding separation performance with effective corrosion protection and environmental compatibility 

Bottrop, 4 October 2016. MC-Bauchemie has introduced a new environmentally friendly, mineral oil-based concrete release emulsion onto the market in the form of Ortolan Extra 772 KS with integrated corrosion inhibitor. Developed especially for use with non-absorbent steel formwork in the precast concrete segment, it is suitable for both unheated and heated moulding applications up to + 70°C. This read-to-use, low-viscosity agent ensures outstanding separation to leave high-quality, smooth concrete surfaces. Ortolan Extra 772 KS is also kind to operatives and the environment, offering easy sprayability, minimal odour and rapid biodegradability.


Artist Brele Scholz remoulds wooden European Heads with MC cast resin

Europaen head by Brele Scholz

Bottrop, 15 September 2016. Brele Scholz (59), an artist living in Aachen (Germany), chose our international concrete symposium in October 2012 to premiere her European Heads (larger-than-life wood sculptures). She has now remoulded these works of art, using MC casting resin as her material of choice. In the following interview the artist explains what she wants to express with her work and why she has chosen a construction chemical product.


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