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MC-Bauchemie launches new concrete release agents

New Ortolan release agents

Intaktin mixer protection completes new Ortolan concrete release agent Portfolio

Bottrop, 24 March 2015. Within its Ortolan range of concrete release agents, MC-Bauchemie has introduced four new product categories into the marketplace - Ortolan Classic, Extra, Premium and Bio, each offering its own specific performance characteristics and application suitabilities. MC has also invested in the development of biodegradable con-crete release agents such as Ortolan Classic 711 or Ortolan Bio 755, both of which combine good separating properties with high environmental compatibility. The portfolio is completed by a series of new mixer protection products under the Intaktin brand. These developments from MC mean that users now have a wider choice and can be more accurate and selective in applying the right re-lease agent to each specific application while at the same time providing the best possible protection and preservation for their formwork, tools and equipment.


Highspeed coating system MC-Floor Top-Speed lives up to its name

Application of MC-Floor TopSpeed SC and M_Collage

New products round off the system - Complete industrial floor systems can be installed within just a few hours

Bottrop, 10 February 2015. At the end of 2013 MC-Bauchemie launched the high-performance roll-on coating MC-Floor TopSpeed that can be simply, quickly and reliably applied even under critical environmental conditions at temperatures between 2 to 35 °C and even in the wet. This was an innovation and still is unique because conventional floor coatings based on polyurethane and epoxy resins can usually be applied at temperatures between 8 and 30 °C. Under cooler conditions and in the wet, or indeed just in the presence of ambient moisture, they are less reliable, developing problems such as lack of adhesion, reduced long-term bonding, bubbles, pits and porosities. With the new developments MC-Floor TopSpeed SC and MC-Floor Top-Speed M MC-Bauchemie expands the product range of the high-performance roll-on coating and rounds off the product system. Now, even complete industrial floor systems can be installed quickly and are fully loadable within 48 hours.


MC-Bauchemie Poland celebrates 20th anniversary

20 years of MC-Bauchemie in Poland

Bottrop, 28 January 2015. More than two decades ago MC-Bauchemie became one of the first Western European companies to found its own company in Poland, MC-Bauchemie Sp. z o.o. Having started as a five man team, MC Poland today boasts 190 employees, of which 100 are in sales, with the rest in administration, production, research and development. In the last 20 years, MC has been able to steadily grow and continuously expand its position in Poland. Today, MC Poland is not only the market leader in many segments but has also become a recognised institution within the construction sector there. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the MC team celebrated this successful development at the end of 2014 together with more than 300 customers, suppliers and representatives of regional authorities, universities and polytechnics, as well as numerous friends, at its headquarters in Środa Wielkopolska. After the official part of the anniversary celebrations - in the form of factory tours and product shows - Steffen Möller, a German cabaret artist and actor whose home for the last 20 years has been Poland, served as MC's amusing MC (master of ceremonies) and compère for an exciting and entertaining evening.


EXZELLENT historic elected Product of the year 2015

EXZELLENT historic elected Product of the year 2015

Bottrop, 21 January 2015. More than 500 people took part in the readers’ survey of the German specialist magazine B + B BAUEN IM BESTAND and selected the cement-free moisture regulation render EXZELLENT historic from MC-Bauchemie with 45.1% as the winner in the category renders, mortars, adhesives and coatings. On 19 January 2015, Dr. Andreas Zahn, Oxal Sales Manager at MC-Bauchemie, received the award at the trade fair BAU in Munich from the B + B editorial team.


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