Challenges & Solutions

Precast concrete plants are constantly under pressure. They have to design fabrication lines efficiently and provide just-in-time delivery. MC helps them to tackle their challenges successfully, with innovative system solutions for the optimisation of fresh and hardened concrete’s characteristics in the production of precast concrete elements and by a wide range of Concrete Cosmetic products, curing agents and high-performance assembly mortars. We offer our partners a complete package for the entire process and performance chain at a precast concrete production and extensive benefits for their manufacturing efficiency, as well as their customers.


High-performance superplasticisers for high-strength concrete

For more than 20 years, we have been carrying out research in the field of polycarboxilate ethers, creating our own PCE polymer raw materials for high-performance superplasticisers. One result of this ongoing development effort is the product line MC-PowerFlow. The production in our own highly modern polymerisation plant provides us with the ability to develop and produce customised solutions to meet your specific requirements.

A distinguishing feature of the superplasticisers line MC-PowerFlow is the huge performance capability regarding main requirements relevant to precast concrete production. By significantly reducing the amount of water required, this line allows the achievement of high-strength concrete, specified through low water contents and low w/c ratios.


Improved strength, density, resistance and durability

By the use of Centrilit additives precast concrete producers achieve results that go far beyond the concrete requirements specified in relevant standards. Performance parameters improved include flexural and compressive strength, density and resistance against harmful substances, thus ensuring concrete elements with improved durability. Additional benefits consist of surface quality and colouring of the concrete, as well as a cost-efficient manufacturing process. These advantages open up new possibilities for your positioning among architects and contractors.

The high flexural and compressive strength values achieved allow numerous creative possibilities for customers. Intricate designs or thin-walled facade elements are just two examples of the range of applications to which this kind of high-performance concrete can be put in modern architecture.

Offering concrete admixtures for different performance profiles

Reliable Solutions for all Technologically Demanding Concrete Specifications

In addition to our high-performance superplasticisers and additives for special requirements, we also offer a wide spectrum of concrete admixtures to ensure our customers to get exactly the right solutions, enabling them to control, with precision, the properties of their fresh and hardened concrete. From plasticisers and superplasticisers, hardening accelerators and air entraining agents to stabilisers, viscosity modifiers and grouting aids: For each functional group, we have developed special product lines featuring different performance profiles. Regarding individual requirements for concrete properties as well as manufacturing processes or available raw materials, we offer our customers an optimal solution for every task.


Release, Protect and Care

Our release agents from the Ortolan product family enable simple and reliable separation between formwork and concrete. As result you achieve a first-class fair-faced concrete and a concrete with reduced pores and blowholes. At the same time, the agent has no effect on the hardening or colouring of your concrete. It serves to protect and maintain the formwork, ensuring concrete with a high quality surface.


Rectification of unwanted results with concrete cosmetics

Make broken edges, honey combs, pores, voids and colour differences simply disappear. Thanks to optimum adhesion to the concrete substrate, the concrete cosmetic products from MC offer particularly good application properties – including for overhead work. The unique range of colours in our ne and super ne fillers also ensures a high degree of creative freedom.

For the repro ling of surfaces not subject to mechanical loading Nafuquick and Emcefix concrete fillers are the right choices. They are designed for surface smoothing and sealing of porosities, voids and precast element joints and to give a rapid surface finish. The two-component, fast-hardening Reparoxyd polymer mortars are specifically formulated for the repair of mechanically loaded concrete surfaces. Through concrete retouch with Repacryl you can create a perfect fair-faced concrete look.

Ensuring permanently stable connections

Optimal adhesion solutions with special mortars and grouting products

Special mortars and grouting products from MC ensure a durable connection of precast concrete elements. The wide range of products offer application versatility, easy handling and high quality. The epoxy resin filler SX 481 E not only bonds quickly and safely concrete elements to one another, but is also the optimal adhesion solution for a large number of other materials such as steel, plastics or natural stone. Its easy processing and high flexural strength makes it the ideal adhesive for the installation of concrete pipes, space bodies, insulation boards or inlet shafts. Its rapid compressive strength development supports optimised manufacturing and assembly processes.

The Emcekrete product range is formulated f.e. for the force locking grouting of ceiling and wall connections, steel elements embedded in concrete and also rigid joints between precast concrete elements.


Evaporation Protection with Quality Gain

High compressive strength alone does not guarantee that your concrete will exhibit suf cient durability. Another major variable is its density (according to EN 206-1) because, with a lower porosity and permeability, resistance to external in uences is increased. Only through early application of a curing agent on fresh concrete surfaces, you can achieve the desired level of durability in your precast concrete elements.


Water repellent, invisible concrete protection

If you want to prevent water absorption by your precast concrete elements, thus reducing the risk of frost damage and minimising the likelihood of algae or moss growth, Nisiwa is the right choice. The hydrophobic agents perfectly serve to protect your exterior concrete elements.

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