Winding up the wind: The new MC aktiv is out

Sep 14, 2021

One of our major challenges of our time is the energy turnaround and the associated increasing use of renewable energies. Wind power will play an important role in it. That is why the main feature of the current issue of our MC aktiv is wind power. But, as usual, our MC aktiv also offers an interesting mix of project reports, innovations, inspirations and internal news around and from the MC Orbit.

MC aktiv 2/2021
MC aktiv 2/2021
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MAIN FEATURE: Energy revolution - wind power 

Powerful, efficient, sustainable – all attributes that characterise electricity generation from wind power. It continues to carry our hopes for climate-neutral energy production. The associated technology has undergone rapid development with wind farms now in over 100 countries around the world. That is why we dedicate our MAIN FEATURE to wind power: we provide a status update, present our product systems for the construction, protection and maintenance of wind towers, and take a look into the future. Our energy expert Reinhard Martin also answers questions in an interview.

BIG PICTURE: Leipzig velodrome racetrack refurbished

In the current issue we show a (nearly) round thing in our BIG PICTURE. The good 70-years-old oval concrete racetrack of the tradition-steeped and heritage-listed Leipzig velodrome was found to be in urgent need of refurbishment. Proven MC product systems for concrete repair and surface protection were chosen for the rehabilitation work, together with MC-Floor TopSpeed, a high-end system for fast floor coating. As always, you can find the detailed project report of the refurbishment of the Leipzig velodrome on our website.


In our INNOVATION section we inform you again about some new products: From the new environmentally friendly tool and equipment cleaner MC-Cleaner eco to our solvent-free joint sealant Mycoflex 488 MS and the DIBt approval for our special reaction resin Konudur Flexfit. In addition, we draw attention to our MC show truck, which can be booked for product demonstrations.

In our INSPIRATION section, we show a unique solution for the repair of heavily corroded concrete structures. With our patented system solution MC-KKS/B, which we developed together with Grillo-Werke AG, a largely non-destructive repair of multi-storey car parks is possible.

BEST PRACTICE: Projects, projects, projects

In the BEST PRACTICE section we again offer some interesting projects where our product systems contributed to the success of the construction projects. From the rehabilitation of an interceptor in Dresden and a sewage treatment plant in Frankfurt-Sindlingen to the construction of a hydroelectric power plant in Serbia, the masonry repair of a monastery complex in Hungary and the construction of the Pokuase motorway interchange in Ghana.


In our SUSTAINABILITY section, we have also devoted ourselves to a promising topic: the development of the construction industry in developing and emerging countries such as Ghana. Here it is important to develop sustainable strategies in order to be able to meet the high demand for building materials in the coming decades and to enable more ecological building.


As usual, we round off our issue with internal topics and personalia.


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