MC aktiv 2/2019 has been published

Oct 09, 2019

In our second issue of our employee and customer magazine MC aktiv we have layed the focus on our KineticBoost-Technology®, the new benchmark for floor coatings.

MC aktiv 2/2019
MC aktiv 2/2019
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 Using the MC-Floor TopSpeed ​​high-performance coating system based on KineticBoost Technology®, numerous floor coatings can be applied even in damp conditions and in a specific temperature range of 2 to 35 ° C. The areas of application and use are manifold and range from industrial floors to multi-storey car parks to new building construction. In our MC report we present you the advantages as well as different application possibilities based on different projects.


With the new edition of MC aktiv we also offer you interesting project reports. Find out about the new façade of the National Museum in Prague, which was restored with our speciality mortar, the restauration of the Tettnang Castle or the new approach to a temple construction in Austria.

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