The new MC aktiv 2/22 has been published

Sep 19, 2022

In this year’s second issue of our MC aktiv magazine we focus on our new industrial flooring system MC-DUR PowerCoat that resists extreme stress and loads and is particularly suitable for installation in the food industry. In addition, our MC aktiv again comes with a mix of interesting and inspiring reports on innovations, projects and internal news from the MC world.

In our MC aktiv 2/2022 we focus on our new industrial flooring system MC-DUR PowerCoat and also offer many more reports.
In our MC aktiv 2/2022 we focus on our new industrial flooring system MC-DUR PowerCoat and also offer many more reports.
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MAIN FEATURE: The industrial floor for exceptional resilience

Industrial floors are subjected to the toughest of operating conditions: They are driven on with heavy machinery, are exposed to aggressive chemicals and often have to withstand major temperature fluctuations – with all factors frequently coinciding. But now, with MC-DUR PowerCoat, we have launched a new industrial floor coating system onto the market that withstands exceptionally high chemical attack and mechanical stress while retaining its bond with the substrate – even under thermal loads of up to 120 °C. Therefore, we are focusing on this topic in the MAIN FEATURE of our MC aktiv. It is rounded off by an interview with Dr Joachim Käppler, our Technical Director for Infrastructure, Industry & Building, who gives us an insight into the development process of the new product system.

BIG PICTURE: German sewage treatment plant refurb

In the current BIG PICTURE we take a look at the sewage treatment plant in Duisburg-Rheinhausen which is being successively repaired with MC products after 30 years of use. As always, you can find the detailed project report about this project on our website.


In our INNOVATON section we inform you about some new products: From the new one-component tunnel coating MC-Color T 21 to the new MC-PowerFlow Perma range of concrete superplasticisers to the new solvent-free concrete release agent Ortolan Premium 766. In addition, we also inform about the new Colusal Speed Primer for all steel structures both indoors and out, as well as the new version of the Lasoft software.


In our INSPIRATION we report about the "misappropriated" usage of our industrial floor coating MC-DUR TopSpeed, which was applied for the repair and surface protection of a Ferris wheel and the white-water flume at the Fort Fun amusement park in Bestwig in the Sauerland region of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany).

BEST PRACTICE: Projects, projects, projects

In the BEST PRACTICE section we again offer a large selection of interesting projects where our product systems contributed to the success of the construction projects. From the sealing of a sewer channel in São Paulo, Brazil, to two bridges that were rebuilt and sealed in record time after the devastating storm and flood in 2021 in Germany and the coating of a helipad of a production platform near by Netherlands coast with our high-performance coating MC-DUR TopSpeed. Furthermore, MC products were also in demand for bridge construction in Bosnia & Herzegovina, at the AMG Performance Center in Essen, on the Alexandra Road Bridge in Dublin and at the major construction site "Am Tacheles" in Berlin.


Because of the more and more growing importance of the sustainability topic, we have lauched a sustainability page to our website where we provide you with insights into MC's activities in the area of sustainability. In addition, we show how we protected the environment and the climate through recycling last year.


As usual, we round off our recent issue with internal topics and personalia.


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