MC-Bauchemie establishes new company in Canada

Jun 03, 2024

MC-Bauchemie is expanding its North American activities by having established a new company in Canada on April 30, 2024. Alexandre Mondrous has been appointed Managing Director of MC-Bauchemie Canada Inc. that is based in Newmarket, near Toronto.

MC-Bauchemie established a new company based in Newmarket, near Toronto in Canada.
MC-Bauchemie established a new company based in Newmarket, near Toronto in Canada.
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Alexandre Mondrous (55), who worked for more than 20 years as managing director of MC-Bauchemie in Eastern Europe, moved to Canada in 2018 for family reasons and started to develop this market for MC-Bauchemie. Therefore, MC thus has around six years of experience in the Canadian market. During this time, Mondrous has been selling MC-Bauchemie's high-quality, world-leading injection systems in the Greater Toronto Area. With a small team, he has been able to build up a customer base and make the "MC" brand known, particularly in the field of structural and component as well as soil injection. Markus Treinen, Technical Director North America, supported Mondrous with a special focus on technical support and market development.

MC-Bauchemie strengthens its North American commitment

"The establishment of the company in Canada is the next important step to build a sustainable and profitable business in North America and to continue to grow on the North American continent", explains Alexandre Mondrous, CEO of MC-Bauchemie Canada Inc. and adds: "Our goal is to become the technology leader in chemical grouting and one of the top 3 market leaders in Canada in the coming years in order to create a solid basis for further activities and the introduction of additional product lines in the North American market." The Great Toronto Area will act as a regional hub.

MC-Bauchemie Canada sees great potential for injection technologies

The MC-Canada team currently consists of 8 employees who are responsible for operations, sales, application technology and logistics. There are plans to further expand the team in the near future. MC-Canada currently imports products from Germany, but also plans to establish local manufacturing. The geographical focus of MC's activities is on the Greater Toronto Area, but the team already has customer relationships in other regions such as British Columbia (Vancouver) and Alberta (Edmonton). Canadian customers appreciate not only the quality of MC's products, but also the extensive product and application training as well as the comprehensive on-site support provided by MC personnel. "We see great potential for our injection technologies for soils, curtain grouting, expansion joints and cracks and now want to focus more on offering them in other markets, particularly in the areas of infrastructure, hydraulic engineering and tunnelling," says Mondrous.

High quality awareness in Canada can be served with high-quality MC products

Nicolaus M. Müller, Managing Partner of MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG, expressed his delight at the company's establishment: "Canada is a huge country with a high demand for construction and maintenance and a pronounced quality awareness in the construction sector. With Alexandre Mondrous and his team, we have excellent people to drive our business forward there. These are ideal conditions for our Canadian company to further promote and grow our high quality product systems."

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