MC-Bauchemie opens new site in India

Jun 02, 2022

On 6 April 2022, MC-Bauchemie India celebrated the inauguration of a new plant in Halol in the federal state of Gujarat, India – with key customers, employees and partners in attendance. The complex includes a production facility where powder products, concrete admixtures, polymers and resins are manufactured, plus warehousing, logistics and office space, and a laboratory.

View of MC-Bauchemie India's new industrial facility in Halol.
View of MC-Bauchemie India's new industrial facility in Halol.
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In forming MC-Bauchemie India as a joint venture back in 1985, MC-Bauchemie became one of the first Western construction chemicals companies to make the move to the Indian subcontinent. It has since established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality chemical products for the Indian construction sector, forging a strong reputation among architects, planning engineers, builders and applicators alike. The last four years in particular have been crowned with success in the wake of extensive restructuring. MC-Bauchemie India had invited its most important customers from all over India to mark the inauguration of the modern production site in Halol, and despite the enormous distances that some of them had to travel in this huge country, they kindly made the trip. With all employees of MC-Bauchemie India present, they graced the ceremonial opening of the new facility in Halol, a municipality located about 40 kilometres northeast of the major city of Vadodra in the state of Gujarat. Also present was MC-Bauchemie India's first-ever customer, Jayant Devgaonker.

Celebratory inauguration with Hindu Puja ceremony

In keeping with Hindu custom, the celebration opened with a traditional Puja ceremony – “puja” meaning "worship" or “honouring". The ceremony lasted several hours and included many prayers, mantras and further rituals, all centered around the worship of the deity Lord Ganesha, beseeching the god to bring happiness and success to the new site. Afterwards, the management team led by Indian Managing Director Pinaki Mukherjee, Christoph Hemming, Regional Manager India, the Middle East and Africa at MC-Bauchemie, Dr. Ekkehard zur Mühlen, one of the two managing directors of the MC-Bauchemie Group, and Wolfgang Litz as MC’s Business Development Manager for India led all guests into the new production facility, where Dr. zur Mühlen cut the red ribbon to officially open the site. The guests were then invited to view the new complex including the warehousing and logistics areas, the laboratory and the offices. At the grand gala dinner in the evening, the MC team presented awards in the Gold, Silver, Rising Star and Bronze categories to the customers in attendance.


The new MC site in Halol comprises more than 8,500 m² of land and around 3,300 m² of production, warehousing, logistics and laboratory floor space, together with 600 m² of office space and other built-up zones. The production plant has a capacity of around 8,300 t (metric) of powder products, over 5,500 t of concrete admixtures, 800 t of polymers and 600 t of resins.

Statement by Dr. Ekkehard zur Mühlen, Managing Director of the MC-Bauchemie Group

“We are investing in India in order to enhance our position and further expand our business in this major market,” commented Dr. Ekkehard zur Mühlen in his opening address to the assembled guests. Other MC product systems serving local needs will also be introduced into this market in due course, he explained, stating: “We are thus following a strategy aligned to consolidating our footprint in India and Southeast Asia and further accelerating our pace of growth.”

Statement by Christoph Hemming, Regional Manager IMEA at MC-Bauchemie

“Since acquiring all the shares in our Indian MC company in 2018, we have reorganized and modernized its business structures. In the ensuing period, we have succeeded in taking our business in India to a much higher level and, above all, in driving substantive development with the new management in place,” emphasized Christoph Hemming, Regional Manager IMEA of MC-Bauchemie, adding not without a little pride: “And we have continued to hit all our targets, even during the toughest periods of the coronavirus pandemic.” Together with the expansion in production capacity at the Goa site, this opening of a modern manufacturing facility in Halol represented, he said, a major step in generating the further growth of the business – and one well worth celebrating.

Statement by Pinaki Mukherjee, Managing Director of MC-Bauchemie India

“With our modern manufacturing facility in Halol, we can produce MC-India's entire product range –from powder products and concrete admixtures to polymers and resins. And we also now have another air-conditioned warehouse for injection products here, in addition to that located at our site in Goa. We are very proud of this and need to thank all team members involved in this project for the dedication and commitment they showed in getting us to this point,” underlined Pinaki Mukherjee, Managing Director of MC-Bauchemie India. “With the opening of this new production facility, we currently have two sites in western India, one north of Mumbai in Halol and one south of Mumbai in Goa. With this and with the strength of our team, we are now in a position to extend our delivery reach to the west and northwest of the country." The state of Gujarat is also attractive due to its abundance of raw materials – more than in any other region in India.

Previous evening dedicated to employee awards

At an internal MC ceremony held on the previous evening, April 5, 2022, Dr. Ekkehard zur Mühlen, Christoph Hemming, Pinaki Mukherjee and Wolfgang Litz honoured employees of MC India in recognition both of their many years of service to the company and their achievements. The quartet formally presented awards to their colleagues in the categories of New Market Penetration in Bengal and Gujarat, Product Segment Champion, Sales Champion 2021, Stand-Out Performer of 2021, Silent Performer of the Year 2021, Life-Time Achievement and Director's Choice of the Year. Joyous and convivial celebrations duly followed. 

About MC-Bauchemie India

MC-Bauchemie India employs 70 people at four sites in India. In addition to sales offices in New Delhi and in Mumbai, MC-India also has two production plants in Goa and in Halol, which together manufacture a large part of MC's product range. Over the past decades, MC-India has made a name for itself in the Indian construction sector, particularly in the areas of grouting, structural waterproofing and concrete repair.

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