Reactive sealants from MC-Bauchemie ETA-qualified

Aug 07, 2018

As the first reactive sealing compounds ever, the two bitumen-free waterproofing systems Expert Proof eco and Expert Proof one from MC-Bauchemie have received a European Technical Assessment (ETA) from the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA), giving developers, planning professionals, specifiers and applicators security in the planning and execution of their waterproofing work. 

Both, Expert Proof one (see photo) and Expert Proof eco, have received an ETA.
Both, Expert Proof one (see photo) and Expert Proof eco, have received an ETA.
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ETAs are based on tests, studies and technical analyses performed by institutions designated by the EU Member States and recognised by the EOTA. An assessment encompasses all the major performance characteristics of a building product as relevant to the fulfilment of European building law requirements. The ETAs allow MC-Bauchemie the CE marking of both products and unimpeded access to the markets of the European Union and its contracting states. They also provide developers, specifiers, planning professionals and applicators with security for the planning and execution of waterproofing work – especially in countries where there is no clear national regulations governing the requirements for waterproofing applications.

The reactive sealants Expert Proof eco and Expert Proof one

Expert Proof eco is a two-component, polymer-based reactive sealant from MC that covers the structure like a skin, thus ensuring fast and reliable waterproofing at relatively low cost. The bitumen- and solvent-free sealant dries quickly and reliably and also allows visual monitoring with its grey colour darkening as it dries out. Expert Proof one is the single-component reactive sealant of the Expert Proof product family. It too is bitumen- and solvent-free and functions similarly to Expert Proof eco. The main difference, however, is that it is ready for application on site without mixing.


Both reactive sealants achieve higher impermeability with less material and smaller layer thicknesses compared to bitumen-based or other bitumen-free products. They exhibit very good adhesion to various substrates and can therefore be used in many ways: as waterproofing for vertical, horizontal and sloping surfaces such as cellars, floor slabs and foundations as well as for the overcoating and repair of old structure waterproofing systems. Both products are highly flexible and crack-bridging, resistant to UV, ageing and frost, can withstand rain after just a few hours, and after 24 hours are fully dried and mechanically resilient.


Expert Proof eco and Expert Proof one can be used in the following fields:


• as a damp-proof course for horizontal waterproofing under walls,

• as a sealant for the splash water area of buildings,

• on elements in contact with the subsoil in the presence of soil moisture and non-accumulating seepage water,

• under moderate exposure to water, as a sealant for structures in contact with the subsoil up to three metres below the surface,

• in the case of pressurised water, to seal components in contact with the subsoil up to eight metres below surface, and

• as a sealant for precast concrete joints.


As may be inferred from the above, the layer thicknesses required vary from application to application.

About ETA

An ETA is generally recognised as proof of the technical suitability of a building product within the EU member states pursuant to the Construction Products Regulation. An ETA is only carried out for construction products which are not covered by the scope of a European standard harmonised in accordance with Regulation (EU) 305/2011. The ETAs for Expert Proof eco and Expert Proof one were carried out by the Technical Assessment Center Kiwa Nederland B.V. in cooperation with the German Kiwa GmbH.


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