Sustainability by minimizing the consumption of energy and resources

Sep 29, 2020

Modern building is very much focused on sustainability. Over the past 20 years, this topic has become increasingly important in construction planning and execution. The aim is to minimise the consumption of energy and resources – from raw material extraction to construction and, ultimately, dismantling and recycling.

Bio seal from MC for sustainable release agents
Bio seal from MC for sustainable release agents

A further general aim is to increase the useful life of a building, and indeed more and more clients are realising the importance of sustainable construction and having their buildings certified accordingly. As a manufacturer of construction chemical products, MC-Bauchemie also makes a contribution to ensuring sustainability in building construction. MC aims to use and supply sustainable product systems that will extend the useful life of a building or part of a building while also improving protection for the environment – be it through special concrete admixtures with which concretes can be produced from recycled materials, through truly cement-free concretes, through sealants, concrete release agents, plasters, renders and mortars or through special surface protection coatings. These products have no environmentally harmful emissions and contribute significantly to the sustainability balance of a building through higher durability, lower inspection and maintenance costs and also a reduced cleaning requirement where applicable. Some products are also listed in the DGNB Navigator of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB e.V.), thus underlining their eco-friendly credentials.

DGNB – Solutions for sustainable planning

The DGNB was founded in 2007 and is today Europe's largest network for sustainable construction with around 1,200 member organisations, including MC-Bauchemie. The aim of the association is to promote sustainability in the construction and real estate sectors and to increase awareness of its imperatives in the minds of the general public. With the DGNB certification system, the independent non-profit organisation has developed a planning and optimisation tool for evaluating sustainability in buildings, in interiors and in entire neighbourhoods, thus helping to increase genuine sustainability in construction projects. What all members of the DGNB have in common is their interest in and willingness to actively work for more sustainability in the construction and real estate industries. And there are many hundreds of experts from the member organisations who are involved in the various DGNB committees on a voluntary basis. Together, they continuously develop the DGNB certification system and provide impetus to maintain the focus on sustainable building. The association cooperates with numerous national and international partners and supports a wide range of initiatives that work towards greater sustainability in the built environment.

Bio seal from MC - sustainable release agents

With Ortolan concrete release agents from MC, formwork can be stripped from the concrete smoothly and without residue for the achievement of flawless concrete surfaces. Both the release agents of Ortolan Bio and some of the Ortolan Basic, Classic and Extra lines also meet the highest environmental standards and related DGNB criteria. They are quickly biodegradable and therefore carry the MC “Bio” seal.

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