• Polymer modified fine filler for layers of up to 6 mm thickness
  • In 7 different colours available
  • Colour fast and light resistant pigmentation
  • Ready to use - just mix with water
  • Normal hardening, suitable for overhead application
  • Frost thaw resistant according to EN 13687-3
  • Sprayable with suitable machine (please ask for technical advice)
  • Registered with DGNB (Code: LAEDNR)
  • Low emissions acc. to AgBB
  • Very low emission according to GEV-EMICODE, categorie EC1PLUS
  • Non-flammable acc. to EN 13501-class A1
  • Certified class R1 according to EN 1504-3


  • For large scale fillings of concrete and exposed concrete
  • For fine fillings and repairs of precast concrete elements


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