• Cement-bond, only to be mixed with water
  • Easy to spread by brush and as slurry
  • Application on floor areas also by spraying
  • Sulphate-compatible binder
  • Short overcoating time
  • Also suitable for drinking water areas
  • Certification in accordance with DVGW-leaflet W 347 and W 270
  • Certified and externally monitored according to ÖVGW
  • Registered with DGNB (Code: X0NZ50)
  • Classified and certified according to EN 1504 part 3


  • Bond coat for concrete replacement systems and cement-bound coatings in drinking water areas, in wastewater areas and for repair of new and old structures in civil engineering and industrial facilities
  • Certified according to EN 1504 part 3 for principle 3, procedure 3.1


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