• Ready-to-use, water-based polymer dispersion
  • Temporary lay-time evaporation protection for concrete
  • Improves concrete smoothability
  • Facilitates optimum hydration progress in the concrete layer close to the surface
  • Reduces cracking in exposed surfaces resulting from early age shrinkage acc. to EN 13670 / DIN 1045-3
  • Increases surface tensile strength (improved surface quality)
  • Increases water retention in the concrete
  • Solvent-free
  • Apply by spraying


  • Temporary evaporation protection for intermediate curing of industrial flooring concrete during the post-lay waiting period
  • Smoothing aid for industrial flooring concrete
  • For constructing industrial floors with a hard-grain topping such as MC-Top B
  • For application on fresh to matt-damp concrete


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