• Hand-held penumatic dispenser for double-chamber cartridges
  • Easy handling; easy control of pressure and discharged volume
  • Minimal air delivery rate required
  • Safe low pressure injection; practically no contact with resin thanks to self contained system
  • Nearly maintenance-free; no solvents required for cleaning


  • Fast and cost effective solution for small scale injection of cracks and small voids
  • Injection with double-chamber cartridges with a mixing ratio of 1:1, 2:1 and 4:1 (MC-Fastpack products)
  • Application of two-component adhesives (e.g. MC-Fastpack PU solid, MC-Fastpack EP solid, MC-AnchorSolid E820)
  • Dosing, mixing and injection of reactive resins with constantly low viscosity
  • Injection and glueing jobs in confined areas and place difficult to access
  • Sealing of infiltrations in sewage structures (cracks, voids, shaft ring joints)


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