• One-component water-reactive polyurethane-based injection resin
  • Good injectability into water-filled cracks
  • Unlimited working time
  • Strong volume increase on contact with water
  • Self-injection effect-Water Boost Technology
  • Immediate and permanent waterproofing success
  • Highly elastic with dense pore structure
  • Conforms to fire class B2 according to DIN 4102 in the injection medium
  • CE conformity according to EN 1504-5: U (D1) W (3) (2/3/4) (5/40)
  • Groundwater-hygienically harmless according to general building authority approval for injection into
     soil and groundwater
  • REACH exposure: water contact permanent, inhalation periodic, processing


  • Highly elastic sealing injection of cracks and gaps from approx. 0.3 to approx. 5 mm in concrete and brickwork 
  • Water-stopping and permanently sealing injection against flowing and pressing water
  • Sealing of rock, subsoil, excavation pits and structures in tunneling and special foundation engineering 
  • Sealing of interstices and joints of up to approx. 5 mm in thickness
  • Sealing of masonry
  • Sealing of shaft structures and canals


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