• Particularly low-viscosity polyurethane-based elastomer resin
  • Very good injectability
  • High penetration activity due to low surface tension
  • Water-displacing, no foam formation
  • Variable control of reaction times
  • Complete curing under dynamic loading
  • High elasticity
  • Can be combined with cement suspension (hybrid injection)
  • Corresponds to fire class B2 according to DIN 4102 in the injection medium
  • Durable water impermeability
  • CE conformity according to EN 1504-5: CE U(D2) W(1) (1/2/3/4) (5/40)
  • General building authority approval issued by the DIBt for injection into soil and groundwater
  • REACH exposure: water contact permanent, inhalation periodic, processing and application
  • Environmental Product Declaration EPD


  • Ductile, flexible filler and sealant of crevices, joints and cavities in civil engineering and tunnel construction under dry, water-bearing and pressurised water-bearing conditions
  • Waterproofing and consolidating loose rock
  • Waterproofing of hydraulic structures and dams, drinking water and sewage structures
  • Waterproofing of pipe and liner connections to manhole/shaft structures of sewerage infrastructure
  • Sealing injection of manhole ring joints, pipe penetrations, socket joints


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