• One-component
  • Application by dry spraying technique
  • Resistant to temperature, frost-thaw and de-icing salts
  • Low E-modulus, low active alkali content
  • Easy application on overhead surfaces, good finishing properties
  • Certification in accordance with DVGW-leaflet W 347
  • Classified as typ 1 in accordance with DVGW-leaflet W 300
  • Type 1 does not require any approval in accordance with DVGW-leaflet W 270
  • Non-flammable according to EN 13501-1 - building material Class Al
  • Binder according to DIN EN 197-1: HS/NA-cement


  • Repair shotcrete in civil engineering and industrial construction
  • Suitable for concrete repair works, creation of supporting walls and reinforcement of existing constructions
  • Concrete replacement for creation of levelling layers on mineral substrates in interior and exterior areas
  • Shotcrete for repair of wall- and overhead areas in drinking water reservoirs, drinking water purification plants and drinking water protection zones
  • Suitable according to EN 206 for exposure classes XC 1-4, XS 1, XD 1-3, XF 1-3 and XA 1-3


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