• Flexible polymer thick coating with ETA assessment (ETA-18/0325)
  • Fast drying including colour control
  • One-component, bitumen-free, solvent-free
  • High UV- and frost-resistance, resistant to ageing
  • Crack-bridging, due to high flexibility
  • Trowel and spreadable consistency (e.g. wide brush), sprayable (spiral pump)
  • Can be painted and plastered over
  • Certified according EN 14891 and tested according to EN 15814
  • Impervious to radon


  • Sealing of basement walls, foundations, base plates, balconies, terraces
  • Refurbishment and reengineering of old waterproofing and roof sealing
  • Waterproofing of structural components in contact with ground
  • Plinth sealing in splash water areas


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