Brava Arts building complex in Brasil


Located in Praia Brava de Itajaí, in the south of Brazil, the “Residencial Brava Arts” complex, a high-end residential building with great visual appeal, was completed in 2021. MC’s concrete cosmetics provided the finishing touches to the fair-faced surfaces of the exceptionally artistic façade.


The Residencial Brava Arts complex is a high-spec condominium and apartment ensemble located in the bustling coastal town of Praia Brava de Itajaí is in Santa Catarina, a state in southern Brazil. It offers occupants of the generously appointed, superior-class residencies not only excellent use of space and unobstructed sea views, but also comfort, convenience and style at the highest level. Inside, great emphasis has been placed on optimal quality of workmanship, and the exterior of the building is designed to be no less spectacular.


Highlighting and optimising unique aesthetics

A highlight is the façade, designed with a large mural of which the bright colours provide a fascinating contrast with the high-grade exposed concrete surfaces. Created by Romero Britto, one of the most important pop artists of our time, the Brava Arts presents itself as a work of urban high art, introducing pop culture into the special coastal atmosphere of Praia Brava.


Due to the high quality standards demanded by the client, Construtora Illuminato, in collaboration with the applicator company, i9 Contractor, MC-Brazil was chosen to provide an optimal finish to the fair-faced concrete of this gigantic artwork. The biggest challenge with the exposed concrete façade was to maintain the visual quality of the curved structures in such a way that the result met the client’s very precise expectations.

View of the facade of the Brava Arts complex
View of the facade of the Brava Arts complex
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The aim was not to change the existing concrete surface too much, but to emphasise and optimise its unique aesthetics. After analysing all the technical requirements of the residential building, MC therefore recommended a high-quality concrete cosmetics solution with fine filler Emcefix-Spachtel F lang* and subsequent concrete protection with the transparent impregnation coating MC-Color Proof pure.


Refinement and protection of exposed concrete surfaces
Emcefix-Spachtel F lang filler is available in seven different shades with colour-fast and light-resistant pigmentation. The fine filler is optimised for both local patching and the wide-area filling of concrete and fair-faced concrete, as well as for fine filling and repairs on precast concrete elements. A ready-to-use, transparent copolymer dispersion, MC-Color Proof pure is ideally suited for impregnating building component surfaces, has a substrate-strengthening effect and reduces water absorption. It is open to water vapour diffusion, inhibits carbonation and is both UV-stable and weather-resistant. Ultimately, a total façade area of 2,600 m2 was finished and protected with the two MC products mentioned. The client was impressed not just with the application efficiency and excellent workmanship of a job well done, but also and above all with the visual appearance of the exposed concrete surface that was finally achieved. The effective support provided by MC both before and during implementation of the refinement works was also singled out for special client praise.


* Also known in many countries as MC-PowerTop F


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