MC-DUR TopSpeed prepares the ground for the Porsche World of Experience


The "fahr(T)raum" world of experience in Mattsee, Austria, covers an area of 4,500 m² and presents cars and aeroplanes of the past, the development of which was decisively influenced by Ferdinand Porsche, an outstanding pioneer of the art of engineering. Much of MC's technical expertise is contained in the elegant floor of a new exhibition space.

In 2011, Ernst Piëch, one of Ferdinand Porsche's grandsons, purchased the site of the former Paul Green shoe factory in Mattsee, 15 km north of Salzburg. The "fahr(T)raum" (which is a play on words meaning space and dream of driving) experience world was created there in 2013, where he has since exhibited his classic cars and made them accessible to the public. In January 2023, a new hall was opened with the "flug(T)raum" (which means space and dream of flying). On the ground floor, there are more parts of the car exhibition and a large event room for up to 320 people. The first floor houses the VW Beetle exhibition and a seminar room. The highlight is the aircraft "Hansa Brandenburg" (built 1918) and "Die Klemm" (built 1923), which are suspended from the ceiling.

A high-quality ambience

Light natural wood and white wall panels accentuate the light-flooded new hall, with its large windows extending over two floors. To match the ambience, a durable and visually appealing floor was required. The customer opted for MC-DUR TopSpeed, MC's special resin system based on KineticBoost-Technology®, which allows aesthetic and durable floors to be installed in a matter of hours and fully loaded after a short time. Speed was so important because only a short construction period and short finishing times were planned for the individual trades.

View into the
View into the "flug(T)raum"
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MC-DUR TopSpeed was also chosen for its resistance to softeners and good cleanability, two aspects that are also important for use in a car museum. The contract was awarded to POSSEHL Spezialbau GmbH in Griffen (Carinthia).

Systematic floor construction

After the cleaned concrete floor on both levels of the new building had been primed with the transparent epoxy resin MC-DUR 1320 VK, the scratch coat was made with the same product. This was followed by a seal coat of MC-DUR 1322 in RAL 9002 'grey white', which is ideal for car parks or industrial, storage or exhibition areas with traffic. After intermediate sanding, a second coat of MC-DUR TopSpeed was applied in the same colour. The final topcoat was the matt transparent, highly abrasion and scratch resistant MC-DUR TopSpeed M.

MC-DUR TopSpeed on a solid wood floor

The architectural highlight of the new hangar is the "floating" cross-laminated timber platform in the visitor area, from which the aircraft can be viewed at eye level. After installation, the wooden floor was covered with a screed primed with MC-DUR 1177 WV-A. On an intermediate layer of the silicone-free, anti-slip PU coating MC-DUR 2052 AM, the subsequent roller application of the crack-bridging MC-DUR TopSpeed flex in RAL 9002 colour was applied. The top coat was also applied with MC-DUR TopSpeed M.

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