Challenges & Applications


If semi-dry concrete is known for anything, it is its limited compactibility. Excess air must be removed to achieve low permeability and high strength. And while adding more water or using smoother aggregates can help to achieve this goal, it also reduces the concrete's green stability, or ability to hold its shape in a fresh state, which is another important property. The constant struggle of concrete goods production is balancing between these two aspects. With admixtures for concrete goods from MC, it is easy to find the right balance and optimise the concrete recipe and manufacturing process. Do you want to reduce the water content in order to achieve the highest possible strength? Murasan Hydrotech 863 will ensure that the concrete remains perfectly compacted. Or, would you rather use a little more water to achieve a high cement hydration degree without risking reduced green stability? Murasan Hydrotech 802 is the solution. These are just two examples from our robust system for concrete goods, in which everyone will find the right product.


There is nothing more aggravating than coming to your exterior storage after a rainy month just to discover that all of your beautifully coloured concrete goods are now covered in those annoying white stains. Sure, efflorescence is a natural process that cannot be completely stopped, but there must be something we can do about it, right? Without a doubt. Liquid water is a key component in the chemical reactions that lead to efflorescence. That is why it always appears after a rainy period. Knowing this is essential for combating it. The secret is to use waterproofing additives such as Murasan Hydrotech 883. It stops the migration of liquid water into the concrete by making the inner surfaces of cement stone pores and capillaries hydrophobic, effectively removing water from the process. Without water, there is no efflorescence.


Concrete's natural grey colour comes from its main binding component, Portland cement. It has become the dominant colour of our urban infrastructure, and many designers and architects accept and appreciate this aesthetic look. However, there are many applications where a splash of colour is desired. Sometimes it is purely practical: coloured paving stones allow an easy optical differentiation for visually impaired persons. Other times, it can be used to make the structure aesthetically appealing and stand out in a sea of grey. With MC's colouring pigments, this benefit is simple to achieve. Unlike early Ford automobiles, which were available in any colour as long as it was black, our powdered and liquid pigments are available in intense and long-lasting shades of the traditional black, red, orange, brown, yellow, and white, as well as more unique blue or green colours.


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