Renew with TopSpeed: Introducing Our New Microsite

Feb 14, 2024

Industrial floor renovations often pose significant challenges, including operational disruptions, logistical complexities, and financial burdens. Our new microsite addresses these challenges by offering a durable, fast-curing floor coating solution in the form of MC-DUR TopSpeed based on the KineticBoost® technology that minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency.

Renew your old industry floor at high speed
Renew your old industry floor at high speed
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Accelerated curing & exceptional performance

MC-DUR TopSpeed streamlines the renovation process by accelerating curing time, allowing for application in just 6 hours instead of the traditional 4-day timeframe. This revolutionary system ensures exceptional durability, longevity, and performance in industrial environments.

Discover our new MC-DUR TopSpeed microsite

The new microsite provides valuable insights into the benefits and applications of MC-DUR TopSpeed in industrial settings. You can read more about the technical specifications and references of renewing industry floors with MC-DUR TopSpeed, showcasing the impact of this innovative floor coating solution.



>> Visit our new microsite to learn more about MC-DUR TopSpeed and its transformative benefits for industrial floor renovations.



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