• Low-viscosity silicate-based duromer resin
  • Short reaction time
  • Water-displacing
  • Not foaming
  • High compressive and tensile strength
  • Permanently watertight
  • Corresponds to fire class B1 according to DIN 4102 in the injection medium format
  • Groundwater hygienically harmless
  • REACH exposure: Water contact permanent, inhalation periodic, processing and application
  • Environmental Product Declaration EPD


  • Sealing and consolidation of gaps and cavities in rock areas, loose rock, soils
  • Increasing the load-bearing capacity of the building site under floor slabs and foundations
  • Controlled lifting of floor slabs and foundations in building structures
  • Controlled lifting of road slabs according to ZTV BEB Stb
  • Sealing and reinforcing cavities and cracks in structures made of concrete and masonry
  • Sealing of running joints in concrete structures


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