New coating for a underground car park in Ingolstadt


Built underneath a newly constructed multi-purpose complex located in the centre of the German town of Ingolstadt, an underground car park was required to meet particularly high demands with regard to its design aesthetics and – particularly – the safety of the floor covering. Hence the application of an exceptionally resilient and fast-setting surface protection coating from MC.

The underground car park under the newly built multi-purpose building in the centre of Ingolstadt, not far from the main railway station, may well be considered a real eye-catcher. When it came to the interior design, the owner Werner Dimperl gave free rein to his imaginative ideas. The walls are artistically designed with depictions of comic book superheroes, while the pillars are painted in a powerful coral red. In this urban design ambience, the flooring naturally also had to meet the highest of standards. The client therefore opted for a similarly aesthetically customized, highly resistant car park coating incorporating gold-coloured chips. The implementation was carried out with an extremely resistant and quickly applicable MC-DUR TopSpeed car park coating system, which prevents the penetration of liquids into the concrete and protects its reinforcement from corrosion - and without compromising on the design options.

Aesthetics, resistance and safety with MC-DUR TopSpeed

BTH Bautenschutz GmbH from Munich was commissioned with the implementation of the car park coating, which was also to provide light crack bridging. First, the existing cracks were clamped and grouted, then the drainage channels were installed using the universal epoxy resin MC-DUR 1200 VK and quartz sand. In the next step, the entire surface of the underground car park was shot-blasted and cleaned. The subsequent floor construction began again with the primer MC-DUR 1200 VK. The MC product proved that it is rightly called a universal epoxy resin: in a mixture with quartz sand, it was also used for scratch filling.

View of the artfully designed underground car park in Ingolstadt with depictions of comic book superheroes on the walls.
View of the artfully designed underground car park in Ingolstadt with depictions of comic book superheroes on the walls.
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OS 8 surface protection system with MC-DUR TopSpeed

For the final smooth coating, the choice fell on the fast, moisture-tolerant roller coating MC-DUR TopSpeed in the colour RAL 7047, also known as Telegrey 4. The special resin is based on MC's KineticBoost-Technology® and ensures fast curing largely independent of moisture and temperature influences. Its high abrasion resistance and scratch resistance distinguish it just as much as its good resistance to frost and de-icing salt loads, diluted acids and alkalis. As an OS 8 surface protection system, MC-DUR TopSpeed is ideal for the rapid construction of heavily used floors in car parks.


The smooth surface formed the basis for sprinkling the golden colour chips before the entire surface was sealed with the matt-transparent MC-DUR TopSpeed M roller sealer. This system product from MC is also based on KineticBoost-Technology® and allows a fast, durable and visually appealing surface finish of EP and PU floor coating systems even in adverse weather conditions.


Since the successful completion of the work in July 2022, the users of the underground car park can enjoy a uniquely designed parking facility - and the owner, whose creative ideas could be fully implemented, can also look forward to an aesthetic and durably resistant car park coating.

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