New waterproofing and surface protection MC-Proof 530

Jun 17, 2024

MC-Bauchemie has launched MC-Proof 530, a new multifunctional waterproofing and protective coating. The 3-in-1 solution is suitable for all types of waterproofing and surface protection applications: from the waterproofing of structures permanently exposed to water, to surface protection in accordance with EN 1504-2, to classic structural waterproofing.

MC-Bauchemie has launched MC-Proof 530, a waterproofing and protective coating.
MC-Bauchemie has launched MC-Proof 530, a waterproofing and protective coating.
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MC-Proof 530 has been developed primarily for the waterproofing and protection of concrete structures exposed to heavy water loads, such as reservoirs, industrial water tanks, seawater structures and critical infrastructure such as bridges and power stations, but can also be used for the interior and exterior waterproofing of buildings and homes.

Waterproofing and surface protection with exceptional durability

The new waterproofing and surface protection coating is extremely water resistant and can withstand both positive and negative water pressure. Another outstanding feature is its ability to bridge static and dynamic cracks down to -20°C. In addition, the product has a CO2 diffusion resistance of 905 metres, which is almost equivalent to a concrete cover of 1.1 metres. This property makes the product extremely resistant to carbonation while allowing water vapour to diffuse. MC-Proof 530 has been extensively tested and certified to EN 1504-2 and has a high ageing resistance to UV radiation, high temperatures, rain and freeze-thaw cycles. The 3-in-1 product is also chloride resistant, making it ideal for protecting structures in chloride-rich environments such as seawater.

Easy to apply by hand or spray

The two-component waterproofing, composed of a mixture of polymer and powder component, can be applied in layers of 2mm per coat and is easy to apply in a temperature range of 10-30°C, making it suitable for both autumn/winter and summer application. MC-Proof 530 can be applied manually with a trowel or spatula, or with a standard screw pump, allowing large areas to be coated quickly and efficiently. A built-in colour indicator provides visual quality control: the product is olive green when fresh and dries to a dark grey, indicating the curing of the coating.

All-round solution for permanent sealing and long-term protection

The versatility of MC-Proof 530 and its excellent resistance to water, chloride, temperature and freeze-thaw make the new EN 1504-2 certified product an ideal all-round solution for permanent waterproofing and long-term protection of concrete structures. The combination of multi-functionality and ease of application makes it specially appealing to applicators, while the extensive certifications and resistance to positive and negative water pressure make MC-Proof 530 a safe choice for consultants and specifiers.

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